December 29, 2009

Slam Poetry is Back in Lanark County

The first slam of the 2010 season takes place in Almonte,this Sunday, January 3rd at J.R.'s Downstairs Pub. It starts at 6:30pm and features the top slam team in the country from Ottawa. They call themselves The Recipe and are made up of Ian Keteku, Open Secret, Poetic Speed, Brandon Wint and Rusty Priske. They awed the crowds at the national festival and are sure to do the same in Almonte. These five poets really work as a team, and their poems are a collective poetic experience. Watching them is like watching a finely tuned instrument make beautiful music as if it beauty were a simple thing to create. Their poems are gut-wrenching and magnificently executed. Come out and experience the team that wowed the nation. $5 at the door.

Come out and slam, bring two poems under 3 minutes each to participate in the slam series. Earn a chance to compete in the finals and maybe make it on the team that represents Lanark County in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word this October, in Ottawa.

There will be an open mic to start the night. If you have never experienced slam poetry before let this be your introduction. Don't miss your chance to see the best slam poets in the country.

Doors open at 6pm.

December 28, 2009

Boxing Week

ok ok
I guess we'll have a sale.
Not like anyone will show up because of the sale...
but from now until I say stop (sorta like playing red light/green light)
25% off all books!!
and you can haggle with me regarding any other products!

November 27, 2009


Back when Finn was a cherub and wasn't reading a violent series called Cherubs... when Rob was a computer nerd... when I had hair, a wife, a pink house.... yes back in 1997.... November 29 the newspaper was removed from the windows at 87 Mill St. to expose the two papier-mache monsters that welcomed people, scrawny arms outstretched, to the inaugural season of The Miller's Tale. Needless to say (but hey, I'll say it anyway) a fair amount of water has passed beneath the bridge since then, hair has been lost, new career potentials found, friends have piled up like leaves beneath a sugar Maple in Autumn. I've seen children grow, customers die, and have never felt more a part of a community.... it has been the blessing of my life (well, my kids are THE blessing, but Almonte is a close second) to have found Almonte, to have been welcomed and supported, through smiles and bad moods .... so come let us welcome in the thirteenth year, we'll raise a glass, and bare our teeth and tempt the fates. We'll spit at numerical superstitions and pop balloons! (which will contain discounts of up to 50% for purchases made that night!!)
Bring friends. Family. Wallets. Purses. Good spirits and good wishes.
7 PM onwards.
(And Birthday wishes for Rob R.)

November 26, 2009

APPLE PIES!!! Get your fresh apple pies!!

TYPS (Almonte’s Youth Centre)

is making 400 apple pies

to support the centre’s food programs

and a new Almonte skatepark.

Pies will be prepared by local youth using local apples

and available for pickup after 3:00 this Saturday (Nov. 28)

at the Almonte United Church (106 Elgin St.)

Pies are $9

unbaked and freezer ready

(whole wheat pastry available by request).

To purchase and/or volunteer

call TYPS at 256 8485 or email

November 24, 2009

OMG... we are talking cool!

Just got in another order from Phasha.... the poeple who bring you the lovely leather journals... well this time around we have laptop satchels.... a blank tome that is SOOOO big and expensive.... and Sari Journals. Plus a complete restock on the cool leather stuff.... but very limited quantities so best selection is soon!

November 16, 2009

Pippa's Birthday Party SALE

This Friday (November 20th)
drop by the store (5-7 PM) and maybe later eh?
for appetizers (baked by Pip)
cake (baked by Pip, thank god it is a PD day)
bring a birthday goodwill wish and get 15% of anything and everything in the store!!
(liquid refreshments for adults.... music chosen by Pippa)

Pippa may or may not be there is some Cabaret thingy. And it is her birthday so she can do what she wants... look, it is a good excuse for appetizers and a sale, alright!!??

November 5, 2009

books N beer is BAAAAAAACK!

Thursday 26th
Come meet Jacob Berkowitz and Ambrosia as they present their new book "Out of This World"

When was the last time you saw a grown man take out and play with his one-eyed alien puppet in public? Now that's worth a beer! 7.30. Barley Mow

September 15, 2009

The Miller’s Tale up for sale

The STORE and BUILDING or either individually are for sale

This is quoted from Omni:Quill and Quire, THE Publishing Industry trade magazine...

September 11, 2009 | 12:48 PM | By Alison Potstra

The Miller’s Tale, a small trade bookstore in the arty community of Almonte, Ontario, is for sale, and owner Christopher O’Brien says that if someone doesn’t step forward to buy the business, he’ll simply have to sell the building and move on. (This is NOT in fact accurate, it is my intention to do my utmost to see the continuation of The Miller's Tale, and am willing to continue myself if I can only sell the building...)

The 900-square-foot building is home to the only bookstore in Almonte, a small town 50 kilometres outside of Ottawa known for its folk concerts, classical music series, and International Puppet Festival. While the town’s population currently sits at a cozy 5,000, O’Brien says that figure is growing, and so is his pool of potential customers. “People choose to live in Almonte for the culture and sense of community,” he says.

O’Brien has owned the bookstore – which operates under the slogan “we’re not a chain, we’re a link in the community” – for nearly 13 years, and he says he prides himself on hand-selling and offering faithful customers “an odd assortment of books.” The store stocks roughly 2,000 to 3,000 titles, including books for children and adults, and a selection of CDs from local artists.

O’Brien’s reasons for selling the store stem from his desire to “examine other paths.” “Almonte would benefit from a fresh face, a revitalized Miller’s Tale,” he said. (Hey! I'm going back to school, at St. Paul's.... hopefully I'll be a better student the second time around....)

July 7, 2009

Kelley says "...

Just a heads up for those of you who might be up early on Friday morning and looking for something to occupy yourself while you eat your breakfast Vintage Wear (myself, Vicki and my lovely roomie Amanda) will be live on TV! 7:20am Friday morning, A-channel. There will be an interview/segment with Vicki taped last week at the store, where Amanda and I modelled some lovely Vintage Wear outfits, and then a live fashion show in the studio.
Pass the word along to anyone else you think might be interested, it should be a fun time! Hopefully we won't look too drowsy that early in the morning...that's what make-up is for I guess.
If anyone is clever and can tape the segment that would be super as well!

June 25, 2009

Slam CD Release PARtay!

The effervescent hip new mama, the queen of verbositicious poesy, the pied piper of pippas et al, has boxes of new, off-gassing CDs, straight from the factory, and she really really wants to sell them all, to get that nasty new smell away from the ever smiling Fiona.
Now if some of that don't make sense, well just show up this THURSDAY, here!
Like June 25th.
7 PM.

Just follow the ABBA we'll be pumping out onto the street.
So, like Danielle left me in charge, with just the words make it fun... cuz she knows that I'm so hip it is sick. So the disco ball will be dancing, and the tunes will be cranked and we'll have some chilled Baby Duck!

Join our Facebook Event here: